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Suspension Repair in Lakeport, California

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Overview of the Suspension System

Your suspension is made up of a variety of parts that facilitate a smooth and controlled ride. Without a working suspension, your vehicle would feel every minor bump and deviation in the road. The suspension helps absorb the energy transferred through the car’s tires and wheels and keeps your vehicle riding as smoothly as possible, even when road conditions aren’t ideal. It also contributes to maximizing the friction between your tires and the road. This means more stability and a safer drive. The main parts of your car’s suspension include the springs, shocks, and struts, with a medley of components that make up the system’s remainder: an anti-sway bar, joints, bearing, bushings, rods, and linkages. Thanks to our extensive experience in auto repair service and working with all makes and models, we are well-versed in varying suspension systems and associated issues here at Lakeport Tire and Auto Service. To ensure your suspension is operating at peak capacity, visit our auto repair shop in Lakeport, California! We offer suspension repair and parts replacement.

Signs of Suspension Problems

Your suspension is one of the key systems in your vehicle, and suspension issues can easily grow into bigger issues if not taken care of promptly. That’s why properly caring for your suspension and visiting our auto facility as soon as you notice a problem is necessary. Your vehicle may need suspension repair if you notice your ride is bumpier than normal or harder to control. If your car dips forward when you press down on the brakes or drifts or pulls, there is likely a complication in your vehicle suspension system. Keep an eye on your tires, as excessive or uneven wear can point to suspension issues. Alternatively, you can also do the “bounce test.” Press down on the front of your parked car and bounce it a few times, then release. Repeat for the back of your vehicle. If your car bounces more than two or three times after it’s released, you may need work done on your suspension. Leave your suspension problems to the trained and certified technicians at our car shop! We’ll perform inspections and diagnostics to troubleshoot the exact issue and follow up with the correct suspension repair service.

Schedule Suspension Repair Service

Serving Lakeport, California, since 1993, Lakeport Tire and Auto Service is the place to find all the services your vehicle requires for a healthy, hassle-free ownership experience. Whether it’s a broken or sagging spring, worn ball joint, bent or worn control arm, or faulty shocks, we assure you that we’ll be able to determine and efficiently fix the problem. The car suspension is closely related to the steering system, wheel alignment, and tires, which we will inspect when you come in. Sometimes, issues with these components can masquerade as suspension problems and vice versa. All our suspension repair work is backed by our 36-month/36,000-mile nationwide warranty, including 24-hour roadside assistance. Schedule a service appointment online or by phone at (707) 263-5422, check out our latest specials, and then stop in so we can address your car’s suspension repair needs and much more. We look forward to your visit here at 1901 S Main St, Lakeport, CA 95453.