Do You Have Cracked Tires?

Do You Have Cracked Tires?

Cracking Tires: You've Known That's Bad Since Your Childhood

What Are They?

Tire cracks--also known as ozone cracking, weather cracking, and weather checking--refers to visible inclusions in your tires' sidewalls and/or near the tread pattern. Such visual clues should tell you that the rubber is beginning to break down. As the rubber becomes less and less flexible, the cracking is likely to become worse. Before this happens make Lakeport Tire & Auto Service in Lakeport, California, your trusted tire shop, and replace those declining tires.

Why Are They Bad?

Once your tires begin to crack, they tend to become worse (i.e., small cracks become larger ones). This can put you at risk for a blowout. Also, the tire loses structural integrity if cracking occurs between the treads. This is particularly concerning if you can see the cords. Older tires may be susceptible due to sheer age and/or conditions. If newer tires are cracking, however, you should consider checking to see if there are manufacturing defects that are covered under the manufacturer's warranty.

How Can You Prevent Them?

Although you can't prevent every inclusion in your tires, there are some steps you can take to preserve them as long as possible. Make sure you operate your car with the tires inflated to the correct air pressure (psi). This prevents overheating. Also, be mindful of where your tires are sitting. You probably don't like wet feet, and your automobile doesn't either. Don't leave your car parked in standing water, and remove mud and snow from your tires after use. Also, it's good to park your auto away from direct sunlight for longer stints if possible. Further, tires are meant to be used. If you think your car will be parked in the same spot for too long, take it for a spin once in a while to keep the tires' rubber from drying or becoming misshapen. Finally, make Lakeport Tire & Auto Service your trusted tire shop. Since 1993, we've been serving our community as a family- and veteran-owned establishment.

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