Do You Have a Bad Driveshaft?

Do You Have a Bad Driveshaft?

How Do You Know if Your Vehicle's Driveshaft is Going Bad?

What Is It?

You've probably heard of an automobile's driveshaft, but you may be wondering exactly what it does. Its function is to allow torque to transfer from the engine to the wheels. The most common application is in rear wheel drive vehicles. As the transmission's output shaft turns, it also moves the driveshaft. The driveshaft then moves the differential ring gear, allowing the auto's wheels to turn. Clearly, the driveshaft is important. Without it, your vehicle can't move even though the engine is producing power. Therefore, if you suspect a driveshaft problem or need other auto repair, count on the experienced technicians at Lakeport Tire & Auto Service in Lakeport, California.

Signs of an Ailing Driveshaft

Now that you have a better understanding of the driveshaft, perhaps you'd like to know how to tell if it isn't functioning properly. One of the most obvious signs is a terrible vibration as you drive. You should actually feel no vibration at all from underneath your automobile. That's because the driveshaft is accurately balanced prior to installation. This shaking is uncomfortable and quickly wears on your suspension components. Worn related components such as bushings, bearnings, and the universal ("U") joint may also account for driveshaft vibration. Also, driveshaft and/or U-joint problems can cause noise. This may manifest itself as a clunking sound, rattling, or squeaking. Further, you may begin to experience difficulties in turning your vehicle. Finally, serious shuddering during acceleration is likely a sign of a bad driveshaft. Any of these observations should prompt you to visit Lakeport Tire & Auto Service for assistance.

Your Local Auto Repair Expert

In business since 1993, Lakeport Tire & Auto Service is your trusted local expert to correct driveshaft issues and for all auto repair. We earn respect one customer at a time as is evidenced by client testimonials. We're a veteran- and family-owned facility, and we back our work with an amazing 36-month/36,000 mile warranty. Should you need it, we even offer 24-hour roadside assistance. We look forward to partnering with you for auto repair regardless of the make or model you drive.

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